How to easily setup addon domain? Why use Addon domain?

How to easily set up an addon domain? Why use the Addon domain?

Today we will learn What is Addon domain & how to easily set up an addon domain in a Hosting C-panel. After reading this article, you can add your own addon domain to your hosting C-panel. An addon domain is a separate domain that is hosted on your main domain but is displayed as if it were hosted on a separate hosting account. Let’s know the way to how to easily set up an addon domain.

What is Addon Domain?

Addon Domain is the process of adding many domains to a hosting C-panel, usually called Addon Domain.

Why use the Addon domain?

Suppose you have hosting. You have added 1 domain to that hosting. If you have bought 1 more domain then you need to buy another hosting but if you want you can add your new domain as your previous hosting add-on domain without buying new hosting.

The Addon domain works just like the original domain. This is a fully functional domain name created from the original domain c-panel. It is divided into c-Panel addon domain subdomain and multiple hosting packages in the same control panel. You can create c-Panel addon domain email addresses, forwards, and more – just the way you would for a hosting account for your original domain.

Please first make sure that you added the hosting name servers to the domain’s C-Panel name servers before adding the addon domain. ===============================================

To add a new addon domain to your existing hosting account: ===============================================

– Log in to your c-Panel control panel

– Find the domain section on the main page of c-Panel.

– Click the Addon Domain icon

– Enter the domain name

– Enter an FTP username for Addon domain

– Keep or change the original directory for the domain.

– Create a password for the domain’s FTP account.

Once added, the DNS can work (up to 24 hours), without a domain issue. Once you’ve added domains, you can select the “Redirect” option in c-Panel if you want to point the new domain to another.

Whenever you create another domain in the c-Panel interface or add a new domain, the system creates a subdomain by default. Changing or Deleting, After Creating a Subdomain You can change or delete the information displayed in the Add on domain’s website c-panel.

Also, when you create a second domain, a parked domain, a subdomain, or a main domain, the system will try to secure that domain by default with the best-available existing SSL certificate. If no SSL certificate is available, the system will create a self-signed SSL certificate to secure the new domain.

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Watch this video below and add your own addon domain.

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