Before creating website you must know it’s

Before Creating a Website You Must Know It’s

If you want to be an owner of a website or manager of a website, there is no need to do a web design course but if you want to make a corporate website regarding the identity of your institution or want to spread your online marketing by creating an E-Commerce website or want to create a website for special cause or information then you have to know some basic very much needed. If you don’t take any interest in basic then the ownership of your website may be lost by hacking.

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In this article I am trying to discuss every subject step by step:

 let’s know first what domain is?:

Some examples of domains are:

  1. Facebook
  2. yahoo
  3. google

The domain is your first address. it is the first introduction regarding your website. Your buyers will find you on the internet via domain. You can imagine it as your phone number or bank account number. Suppose you are meeting with a man with whom you want to contact later then you must need a contact number or information, it may be a phone number or social account, Twitter, or WhatsApp. The domain is like that thing.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an institution where you can add extinction like .com, .biz, .info, .net, .org with your domain address. Some minor institutes sell domains by yearly contract with this institution.

for example, Bluehost, Godaddy, Namecheap, Namesilo and InterServer, etc. If you want to buy a Bangladeshi extinction domain which is .bd then you have to go to the BTCL website a government institution in Bangladesh that sells domains with .bd extinction. Have you created in mind a domain name? then you have to know that like phone number the domain name must be available on the website because if a name is registered by one person then nobody can buy it again. one domain can be registered once as a phone number can be registered by one permanently.


What is Hosting?:

have you noticed any images, videos, writings after opening a website? and you also want to put your institutes’ image, writings, or videos?

There must need some space or memory to put these elements on the internet. This space or memory is called Hosting. There is no limit to hosting. It can be 1 gigabyte to 500 gigabytes or it may be unlimited.

As you rent a store to reserve your things and you can put your things by the space of the store Hosting is also like that. You have to rent some space or memory from the internet so that you can store your data there and use it as you need. You can keep your data as much as you have rented. For a normal website 1gigabyte is enough but for others as media where every day new data loads then must need more and more Hosting. With Hosting Bandwidth also involved with it. With it, you can see the monthly result of your visitor. Normally for the website, 100 gigabytes is enough for Bandwidth. After completing the monthly Bandwidth the visitor will see your page blank or “account suspended”.

World-famous companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo set their Hosting in their office building-like store. It is so expensive. So for us, it needs to buy some space and domain from the Hosting service provider. Let’s know how to get the right Hosting service provider as a real businessman. Who is trustworthy? Who provides good service?

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How to buy Domain and Hosting:

Few companies sell Domain and Hosting but there is a lot of resellers, a reseller of the reseller, and so on. There are a few companies in Bangladesh that sell Domain and Hosting which are just resellers. Some companies will not give you a full control panel. Every year tour website will be down for 4/5 months. On this condition, they will not receive your phone calls as well. The next year maybe you can’t find them when you want to renew and thus they will cheat you. As the company did not give you a full control panel so your website will be deleted from the internet and you will ruin it. So don’t be befallen by the hip-hop design of any party otherwise you will be cheated. Suppose you bought a shirt and after coming home you find that the shirt is rejected or there is some error in it. You can console yourself but, can you console yourself if your design, banner, visiting card, Facebook ad, and another thing with error?


So it will be effective if you buy Domain and Hosting from those companies who have an identity in the international market. Such as:

  • BlueHost
  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Namesilo
  • InterServer


You must have an email account, international master card, or Payoneer account if you want to buy Hosting and Domain from these websites.

Bangladesh government institution BTCL provides .bd domain but their server is always at the threat of hacking so it will be good if you buy Hosting and Domain with extensions of .com, .info, .net, .org, etc. The budget may be upper or lower but it will give you a strong foundation.


Which programming language or CMS is better? :

former websites were created by HTML language but now many programming languages have appeared. If you want to create and manage your website and further updates will be managed by you then CMS is the best for you. you may be heard the name PHP. It is also a CMS but highly technical. If someone claims that he will manage your website with PHP then care for that. PHP programming can be achieved by some courses. No one can manage it only through basic knowledge. those programmers who have completed courses in PHP are gone in abroad for a better career. Because PHP programmer is very demandable in the international online market. If any Bangladeshi normal website programmer claims that he can manage your website with PHP then note that he is not an experienced or certified programmer rather than a basic knower in PHP.

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There have many CMS in the Online marketplace such as—WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. These are created by PHP but the systems are so easy that you can easily manage your website and you can update it as your choice. Once you create your website then there is no need to hire a developer for further update or management, you can easily manage it as you wish.

So which is easy? 

Of course, it is WordPress. WordPress is easy to develop your website and many famous websites like— CNN, The Obama, Foundation, Katy Perry, Usain Bolt, TechCrunch, Open Id, Library of Congress, etc are made by WordPress.

2nd famous CMS is Joomla that creates many government websites.

Which package should you choose for buying Hosting and Domain:

By the reference of the official WordPress website, the best hosting service is BlueHost, Dreamhost, Siteground. There have offers in this platform as we see offers in sim companies like call rate, megabyte, FMF packages, etc.

Don’t forget this purchase is only for a year. You have to renew it 15 days before complete the year otherwise it will be a great problem for you.

Now let’s discuss safety in short:

Put these passwords very secret:

  1. Your email username and password.
  2. The web address of Domain control panel access, username, and password.
  3. The web address of hosting control panel access, username, and password.
  4. The web address of Dashboard access, Username, and Password.
  5. Every domain has a Domain’s secret key which is very secret. It is very important than the password.


If the hosting service provider gives you a password then you must need to change that password. If you want to hire a developer then you need to give him just the web address of the access of the hosting control panel, username, and password,d and remember that after completing the work you have to change your password. You have to change the password of Dashboard too. Make your password with a combination of Capital, small letters, symbols, number, and so on. Make the password at least 12 letters with variations.


2nd step- choose the design:

Generally, you can find some samples like on CMS’s official website that actually means WordPress theme. Remember these samples are free and local. If you want to get a splendid design then you have to go ENVATO THEMEFOREST which is in a high rank in the online marketplace. You can go directly by this link THEMEFOREST and choose your design as your choice. The price of these themes is from 43 USD to 75 USD. This price is for a lifetime. You don’t need to renew. Your purchased theme can be used once in a particular theme so do these 2 steps on your own. Don’t do those steps with other emails that are owned by another person otherwise, you will face problems during verification from websites. Suppose you are an expatriate Bangladeshi, in Bangladesh you sent a huge amount of money to your uncle, a villager, to buy a few bighas of paddy land. You could not come by yourself, so you were “temporarily” registered in your uncle’s name. If he denies it later, you can do nothing. Again if he dies before you return, the property will be owned by the law but will be your cousins. So if you need an expert, you can put someone aside, but you have to know very well how to change the password and what to change the domain – and after that “expert” leaves, you have to change the password yourself. Even when inputting credit card or debit card information, ask the associate expert to get up. In this case, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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3rd step-recruit a designer:

3rd and last step is to recruit a designer. But before hiring a web designer, complete the company logo, high-quality pictures, all the information and keep it ready. The logo will be best if the shape will be quadrangular or fourth angle. Because in Twitter, Facebook, youtube everywhere you can see the logo in a circle. How many pages will there be, what information will there be, with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube account or not? If you do everything, then what is the job of a web designer? Suppose you go to the raw market, there is chicken meat, buffalo meat, beef, mutton, quail meat. You decide what you eat. You bought beef. Bought the necessary spices, ghee, etc. He brought it to the cook. Even if you give it again. You have to give “instructions” whether you want to eat soup, or kebab, or roast, or some Tehri type! He cooks delicately and will serve it in front of you. Compare the theme you bought from Envato ThemeForest with beef. This theme is not cooked, but raw. Compare company logos, high-quality images, typed information with spices and ghee. As the chef then cooks, the web designer builds on this Raw Theme and the information you need (company logo, high-quality images, all the typed information, videos) and your instructions (how many pages will be, how the information will come in any part). Will create a website.


What is the fee of a web designer:

You can hire a web designer from a famous institution or a freelance web designer. You can compare the descriptions of their services in a cold head then hire him by considering his skills. Next time, if you want, you have to do it yourself or hire him anew

In general, I am mentioning the category and possible cost of the developer’s fee for creating the website:

Online Magazines or Online Newspapers
Social Networks

– $5,000 to $50,000

– $10,000 to $250,000

– $5,000 to $250,000

– $5,000 to $50,000

– $10,000 to $250,000


Why the difference in cost? If you do it simply, the cost will be lower, but if you are asked to add different features, e.g.

  1. Create an email address to match the website address such as
  2. Sharing system on social networks
  3. Blog or latest news
  4. Photo Gallery (with slideshow)
  5. Contact form for communication
  6. Arrangement of public opinion survey through any question etc.

If you give the details of 10 types of products with images and data to a designer the rate will cost one type and if you give 100 products with the same details the cost, of course, will be more.

How much time will go for it:

Buy a theme from Envato ThemeForest or ask your designer about the free theme on WordPress’s official website. Give your information, photo, video, logo to the designer and tell him the number of pages you want to show your website. Generally, you can get your website ready within a week.

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